New to Surfing in Maui? 8 Tips for Beginners

Looking to get into surfing in Maui but not sure where to begin? While overcoming the learning curve can be steep, with the right help, you’ll be able to rise above the challenges a beginner surfer faces and start building your skill with one surf lesson after another. Follow these steps to get started.

1. Pick a Beginner-Friendly Location

Do your research before going out for your first day of surfing. You’re still a beginner, so you don’t want to go to any beach where there are extreme waves. Find a beach suitable for beginners, and once you’re there, find a place with plenty of room to surf so you don’t get in other surfers’ way when you make a beginner’s mistake.

2. Get Your Body Warmed Up

Before you get out on the water, make sure to properly prepare your body to handle the physical demands of surfing. Some quick stretches and other warm-up routines before getting on your board can go a long way towards limbering up and also preventing injury.

3. Start Out with a Larger Board

One of the most helpful things you can do as a beginner surfer is to pick a longer surfboard to learn with. You’ll have a bigger surface to learn on, and since you’ll most likely be falling a lot as a beginner, the fact that longer boards make better floatation devices is also helpful.

4. Make Use of a Surf Leash

Using the right safety equipment is essential when you’re first learning the ropes as a surfer, and one crucial piece of equipment is a surf leash. Wearing one could save your life on the water, so make sure you’re properly equipped before heading out.

5. Practice Sitting and Popping Up

Transitioning from paddling on the board to standing up to ride a wave is one of the trickiest skills for beginner surfers to master. Practice these motions until they’re fluid and precise every time.

6. Work on Your Paddling Technique

While riding the waves is the first thing most people think about when surfing, it’s important to have a good approach when paddling out as well. Practice until you find the perfect way to approach a wave. You’ll also have to build up your endurance as this technique is quite physically demanding.

7. Get Used to Falling

Don’t get discouraged if you fall often when you’re starting out surfing. Remember that falling isn’t failing. Even the best pro surfer started out as a beginner, so even when falling leaves you bruised and confused, get back up and keep trying.

8. Get a Surf Lesson from an Experienced Surfer

Learning from a skilled surfer allows you to tap into their vast wealth of knowledge about the best techniques for surfing. Getting yourself lessons will make overcoming the learning curve of surfing much easier.

If you’re looking for surfing instructors who have plenty of expertise to lend you, we’ve got you covered no matter what your current skill level is. Start learning from the best with Rivers to the Sea today!