New Summer, Classic Maui Vibes

When it comes to beach days and Maui surf lessons, summertime typically steals the show. Summer is when Maui receives swells sent up from the southern hemisphere, which delivers world class waves for learning how to surf.

South Swells

Maui’s south facing shores near Lahaina Town have become renowned for world class “beginner” waves. This is due to the fact that the West Maui Mountains shelter the coast line from the strong trade winds that typically can blow up to 25mph on Maui’s north shore. No wind equals smooth waves that break over a flat bottom. All these factors play a role in creating long, gentle and easy to ride waves. Without the need to rush to your feet like most other surf destinations around the world, you can work your way through the basic motions and establish the right technique for standing up. Learning these mechanics at your own pace will create muscle memory that allows you to surf waves over and over again.

Know your limits

With the frequent summer swells, sometimes the surf can get up into the head high range. It is days like this when you need to know your limits or listen to the guidance of a professional surf instructor. As a beginner surfer, you always want to veer on the side of caution when approaching the ocean. Even being in Hawaii’s best location for learning how to surf, you can still find yourself in trouble if you are not sure how to navigate the conditions.

Respect others

Surf etiquette is always great to practice at any given surf spot. People who surf these breaks all the time appreciate it when they see other surfers who know their way around a line up. Showing respect to others while in the surf will typically lead to being given more waves by other local surfers. If you are unsure how to navigate a line up, ask your instructor about best practices while in the ocean. 

Equipment is key

Good equipment is also a key factor when learning how to surf. As with most equipment-based sports, the better the gear, the easier time you will have while learning. Utilizing surf schools such as Rivers to the Sea, Maui Surf Lessons is a great way to gain access to the right surfboards and seasoned instructors. Using a soft top in the 10’-12’ range will help to cut the learning curve of riding your first wave down tremendously. 

The Rivers to the Sea formula

Combining quality surf conditions with good equipment and experienced instructors creates a recipe for success. These are the ingredients that have helped establish Rivers to the Sea, Maui Surf Lessons as the go to place for learning how to surf since 2002. With a new summer on the horizon marking our twentieth anniversary, we can’t wait to pair our tried and true techniques with fresh faces. If this summer is anything like the ones we have had every year over the past two decades, we should be in for a treat.

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