Maui Surf Instructor - Tide Rivers


It has been said that Tide has a PhD in “Maui.” If not frolicking in the hidden waterfalls of Hana, or checking out a tantalizing plate of “local kine grinds” (cuisine), Tide is in the ocean. A true soul-surfer, Tide is motivated daily by one of his biggest influences, his late best friend and wave shredder Eric Diaz, whose memory is a reminder to seize each day. Some of Tide’s favorite Maui surf spots include Ho’okipa, where he grew up honing his skills; Honolua Bay, where the waves are raw, less crowded, harder to tame, and break in an astonishing tubular motion around the reef; and of course, the almighty monstrous Jaws, which demands the ultimate skill in wave-riding. Waves at Jaws can top 100 foot faces, and Tide is one of the world’s few surfers who has paddled out at this break, which was previously only attempted as a tow-in.

His abundant knowledge of the ocean, and experience in many heavy wave-riding situations, allows him to find a very calm place in his teaching style. Humans are 70 percent water, but this is likely exceeded by Tide, who “comes home” when he morphs into the elements of ocean with unsurpassed love, awe and appreciation.

Tide Rivers with eager surfing students
Tide Rivers surfing the Maui waves
Surf instructor Tide Rivers