Maui's first exclusive surf school. We offer private one on one, semi private, group and family surf lessons.

Rivers to the Sea provides private Maui surf lessons to parties of one or more, away from the crowds. We guarantee that you will stand up, and depart the beach with a new designation — surfer.

Tide and Kiva Rivers
Surf school owners/instructors Tide and Kiva Rivers surfing a tube at Honolua Bay, Maui

Meet Your Maui Surf Instructors

Rivers to the Sea was founded by identical twin brothers, Tide and Kiva Rivers, hence the name. Our logo is a screen print of an actual photograph of the brothers surfing a tube at Maui’s Honolua Bay, one of their favorite Maui surf spots.

Tide Rivers - Surfing as a kid

Tide and Kiva transformed from toddlers to guppies to fish at a very young age, and began surfing for recreation with a Kuau neighborhood mentor, “Uncle” Jeff, who used to take them out on his longboard at a secret Paia surf spot on the North Shore of Maui. That experience, combined with their dad’s obsession with getting in the water, and their mom’s love for the beach, sealed their fate as life-long Maui surfers.

Rivers to the Sea - Maui Surf School

Displeased with the notion of big-box, store-style surf schools and generic Maui surf lessons — and stricken with the realization that they could actually make a living sharing their craft — the brothers set out to build their surf school business. For the company to run as they envisioned it, it was crucial that surf lessons were truly tailored to students’ needs. The brothers wanted to ensure that all aspiring surfers had individualized lessons and a fabulous, VIP-level surfing experience.

Having each won several surf contests and garnering professional sponsorships over the years by such companies as Da Kine and Honolua Surf Company, Tide grew up to be a true soul-surfer, in it simply for the love and the thrill. Kiva remains a staunch surf competitor who maintains professional sponsorship by Honolua Surf Company, but remains humble and true to his roots as a soul-surfer as well. Combined, the brothers boast the perfect synergy to foster a love for surfing in anyone.

Today, Rivers to the Sea provides one-on-one, semi-private and group Maui surf lessons, all private, in a location away from the crowds. The Rivers to the Sea team has taught thousands of people how to surf, and the founders express daily gratitude for waking up to do what they love each day.

Tide Rivers

Tide Rivers at Jaws

It has been said that Tide has a PhD in “Maui.”  If not frolicking in the hidden waterfalls of Hana, or checking out a tantalizing plate of “local kine grinds” (cuisine), Tide is in the ocean. A true soul-surfer, Tide is motivated daily by one of his biggest influences, his late best friend and wave shredder Eric Diaz, whose memory is a reminder to seize each day. Some of Tide’s favorite Maui surf spots include Ho’okipa, where he grew up honing his skills; Honolua Bay, where the waves are raw, less crowded, harder to tame, and break in an astonishing tubular motion around the reef; and of course, the almighty monstrous Jaws, which demands the ultimate skill in wave-riding.  Waves at Jaws can top 100 foot faces, and Tide is one of the world’s few surfers who has paddled out at this break, which was previously only attempted as a tow-in. His abundant knowledge of the ocean, and experience in many heavy wave-riding situations, allows him to find a very calm place in his teaching style. Humans are 70 percent water, but this is likely exceeded by Tide, who “comes home” when he morphs into the elements of ocean with unsurpassed love, awe and appreciation.

Kiva Rivers

Kiva Rivers at Jaws

Kiva is considered the next generation of ocean pioneers. He is definitely carving his mark in the water as a champion longboarder, amazing shortboarder, and powerful paddleboarder. His competitive surfing achievements include: second place at the Molokai race (a grueling 32-mile race and true test for the serious waterman), multiple 1st place finishes in the Honolua Surf Co. Legends of the Bay, 1st at the Kimo’s Long Board Classic at Mala Wharf, winner of the first SUP contest held in California at San Onofre, competed numerous times in the Molokai to Oahu Paddle Board Race in both solo and team crossings, while placing in the top three spots each time. Kiva has also competed in numerous paddle board events in California like the Malibu Down Winder and the Catalina Classic. Still to this day, one of Kiva’s biggest accomplishments was winning the Jeep Ultimate Waterman Award. But no matter where he goes or what he does, Kiva’s heart stays close to home with his beautiful family.